Advertising v Recruiters

Advertising v Recruiters – As a dental lab owner, you will have grappled with this decision many a time, “Should I advertise or should I use a recruiter?”. There are positives to both methods, however which method is most effective? Are recruiters just an expensive form of advertising? Let’s take a look at both sides and see what works best for you.

Candidate Attraction

Candidate attraction is a vital part of the recruitment process; however you do this, it involves targeting the right candidates for your role. There are ways you can do this yourself and there are ways a recruiter can do this. When considering whether or not to advertise or use a recruiter, it is vital that you know what kind of candidate you’re trying to attract and whether you are able to advertise directly to this demographic. If you’re looking for something specific, do you know where to advertise to attract the candidates you’re looking for?


When you are looking for a new employee and decide to advertise yourself, there are many things to think about.

Placing adverts on free job boards is an excellent way to start if you are short on funds. However, remember that if you are looking for a specialist candidate or someone with particular experience, free job boards may be too general an outlet for your advert. You may struggle to attract the right candidates.

advertising imageMost job boards require a small upfront fee to advertise your job. This can be anywhere from £99-£300 on average depending upon the reach of the job board and how long you wish to advertise.

After placing an advert, applications will come directly to you. It will be your responsibility to sift through all of the applicants, screen them, shortlist them and interview them. If you have experience with this (and you have the TIME to dedicate to it) then this can be a cost-effective method of employing a new candidate.

However, if you have never done this before, you need to be aware of the pitfalls:

1. Don’t be fooled by a fancy CV. Some companies offer a CV-writing service; the CV you’re reading may not have been written by the candidate.
2. Some candidates who express an interest may simply be testing the water and might not be ready to move jobs.
3. Watch out for ‘job-hoppers’. Some candidates may have worked for your competitors, however if they have had several jobs in the past 3 years, it may be a sign that longevity is not their strong point!

Finally, after you have interviewed your candidates (and hopefully you’ve found someone you’d like to employ) you may be in a position to offer to a candidate. This can be a tricky situation to navigate if you have never done it before. You will have had a conversation with the candidate about the package you are offering and their current package. However, if the candidate is in the mood for negotiation, you need to be prepared to find out exactly what their lower limits are and what your upper limits are. A deal can always be made, however don’t mistake negotiation for disinterest in the role – many candidates want to try to get the best package possible. However, if you do not have experience in negotiation, you need to be careful not to lose a great candidate because you make the wrong move.


On the opposite end of the scale, a recruiter can work on your behalf to attract the right candidates, screen them, interview them and then handle the offer process for you. If you have little time or you have little experience with recruiting your own staff, then the services of a recruiter might be the way forward for you.

Firstly, a recruiter often has methods of candidate attraction that you could not match. It may be tharecruitment imaget you are looking for a candidate with specific qualifications. It is common for a recruiter to have a database of actively-seeking candidates which is added to every day – this is usually in the thousands. Moreover, a recruiter can search this database to highlight candidates who match your needs.

Recruiters advertise too! However, it’s common for a recruiter to have a multi-deal with several job boards. This means that they can advertise your opportunity to a far wider audience than you could reach if you chose to advertise yourself.

Furthermore, the screening and interview process is not only handled for you, but it is handled by someone with experience in knowing what makes a great candidate. A recruiter knows the pitfalls and what to look out for. They will select and shortlist candidates based exactly upon your requirements.

If you are ready to offer to a candidate presented to you by a recruiter, you can rest-assured that your recruiter will have the negotiation process nailed down. This is the part of the process that ensures they earn their fee! Therefore your chances of having a candidate accept your offer are high.

Of course, this service comes with a price tag; however is your time worth more to you? Do you have enough experience with recruitment to tackle this process yourself? Usually, a recruiter does not charge any fee upfront; their fee is payable once a candidate has been placed in the role. Depending upon what kind of service you choose, fees tend to be between 15-25% of the candidate’s annual basic wage.

Some recruiters also offer a headhunting service. This means that you can highlight particular competitors of your business to the recruiter and they can target successful candidates and try to lure them to your business. This requires an experienced recruiter and often involves more work, therefore the fee is usually rather more expensive than a normal recruitment fee. However, you need to think about the value that a candidate from one of your competitors would add to your business.

Advertising v. Recruiters – What is Best for Me?

Both methods have benefits and drawbacks, however the most important thing to consider is that a great candidate can add significant value to your business. A poor candidate can COST your business. When deciding which route to go down, you need to be clear on exactly what your business needs and how much training you are able to give the candidate you take on board. Often, a little investment in the process at the beginning can pay off in dividends at the other end!

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