Human Resources

Implementing Equal Pay in Dental Laboratories

In a recently conducted survey, we asked how employees felt about their roles in the dental industry. This survey brought up some interesting results, from job satisfaction to salary averages. The most interesting result was the difference between the salaries of men and women, plus their satisfaction with their current remuneration packages. Our salary results showed that the median for

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Finding Your First Job with Your Dental Technology Degree

Finding Your First Job after Graduating with Your Dental Technology Degree Dental technology has always utilised a certain amount of science combined with artistry, but this ratio is changing. With newer computerised technologies being introduced, the number of graduate students is increasing because degree level education is frequently required for advanced level dental technologies. It might seem reasonable to assume

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Employee Retention – Attract, Reward & Retain Dental Lab Staff

Employee Retention – Attract, Reward & Retain Dental Lab Staff Hiring and retaining the right employees is essential for any successful business and is a good measure of the health of a company. A good workforce can boost client satisfaction which in turn lifts morale within a firm. Many companies invest time and money in training staff, and failing to

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10 Social Media Blunders That Could Cost You That Job

10 Social Media Blunders That Could Cost You That Job In the constantly improving world of technology, social networks have become an invaluable source of information for both employers and those seeking jobs. Excelling at your interview may fall second to any blunders your potential employer finds on your social media profiles. Pay close attention to your overall online presence,

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Advertising v Recruiters

Advertising v Recruiters – As a dental lab owner, you will have grappled with this decision many a time, “Should I advertise or should I use a recruiter?”. There are positives to both methods, however which method is most effective? Are recruiters just an expensive form of advertising? Let’s take a look at both sides and see what works best for

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