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The Den-Tech Organisation

Den-Tech is the brain child of dental technicians Andrea Johnson and Andrew Sinclair who after visiting Uganda with a clinically orientated dental charity, realised that there was a great need for quality dental technology services in the country and other developing countries like it.

The Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) they have set up is designed to relieve poverty by the provision of affordable dental appliances to those patients who are in need and unable to afford such items and in furtherance of this, to provide training, mentoring and education for dental technicians in developing countries to enable them to supply appropriate quality dental appliances. This is also in addition to supporting those most needy within our own country – the homeless.

There are many charities which provide the incredibly valuable service of ‘dental pain clinics’ but no real provision for the restoration of the dentition thereafter. This can leave patients with large gaps where teeth have been extracted meaning that they can quite often struggle to eat and chew their food well, to speak properly and to look and feel normal.
Andrea and Andrew felt very passionately that this should not continue, and that if they could set up a high quality, supported working and training dental laboratory in the country they could help provide not only a little help now but a legacy of support and training that could be a leg up to the native people and not just a temporary hand out.


TrusteesDen-Tech trustees
They set up their charity called Den-Tech in 2017 and have enlisted a board of trustees who are equally as passionate about using their skills and resources to help out those less fortunate. The board of trustees now comprises of Andrea Johnson, Andrew Sinclair, Delroy Reeves, Edward Mapley, Jade Oakes Stott and Robert Williams, you can view brief biographies of the trustees on Den-Techs website
This drive and enthusiasm has now extended to helping out those less fortunate in the UK, the homeless. This new project in addition to the existing overseas ones has received a fantastic amount of support from the dental technician community who are pulling together to provide a full range of dental technology services free to those most vulnerable and needy in our society.


Our wonderful flagship supporters Blueprint dental who have already donated and continue to donate an incredible amount of dental materials and equipment on behalf of their customers have now put their full weight and resources into helping this project to succeed. It can only go from strength to strength.
It is also only through the generosity companies such as Blueprint Dental, DB orthodontics, John Winter, Schottlander and WHW and of course the brilliant community of dental technicians around the country that can make this charity a success, so from the bottom of our hearts we, the Den-Tech trustees thank you and look forward to us all achieving great things together in the months and years to come.
We are now looking for additional volunteers from the technician sector as well as any clinicians who would like to donate their time and skills to this really worthwhile cause, especially for the UK projects.


Get Involved

If you would like to know more, volunteer your services, donate equipment and supplies or make a donation or get involved in a sponsored event to help raise funds please visit our website on the contact us page or email
Those that actively support us also get the exclusive use of our supporter’s logo to display on their web pages, literature, Facebook pages etc so please look out for this as you will know that each one of them is a good person/company who has gone out of their way to help make this world a better place by helping us to restore lives one smile at time.
If you would like to become one of our supporters and also receive your copy of our supporter’s logo please do not hesitate to get in touch and see in which ways you can help, it is together that we are stronger and together that we can make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

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