How To Improve Your Level Of Job Satisfaction

From our recent UK technicians survey, over half of you said you were satisfied with your current job. Which is great news! As recently published surveys tell us that on average only 45% of workers are. What is really interesting to see is that over 30% of you feel excited about going to work each day. Again much higher than the average. Another interesting result to note is that over half of both Men and Women are satisfied with their current jobs. This again is higher than average than in other industries.

What contributes to these higher rates of job satisfaction? It could be the mix of workplace flexibility offered, salary, or the opportunity to apply your talents and expertise, all of which resulted in a positive result within our survey.

On the flip-side, even though over 30% of UK technicians said that they were excited about going to work, each and every day, nearly 40% of you said you neither agreed or disagreed with this. It also showed that there are a lot of you who are neither satisfied or dissatisfied with your current job. It got us thinking about ways we can improve your job satisfaction.

There has been lots of research done on this subject, discussing ways to create more satisfaction in your job, day to day, and as we feel that everyone should have a good level of job satisfaction, we’ve put together all of the best advice, that you can put in to practice right away.

Set Yourself Small Achievable Goals

One of the best ways to get more job satisfaction is to set yourself achievable goals each day. These goals don’t have to be big. They can be small ones, that lead up to bigger achievements. The most important thing is to recognise, each completed goal, as an achievement in itself. Our survey showed us that over 50% you said you felt inspired to reach your work goals. Which could be another reason why we have seen a higher than average level of job satisfaction from our survey.

Focus On The Future

It’s been proven that those who actively take steps to improve their career prospects have higher levels of job satisfaction than those who don’t. Find out what you need to do, to get to the next step in your career. This could be learning a new skill or gaining an additional industry professional qualification. 

Ask For Feedback

When working, you know you are doing an OK job if you don’t get any feedback from your employers … which is great. But, you can’t really tell where you are at. This can lead to a lack of job satisfaction. However, getting positive feedback can make a world of difference, in how satisfied you feel in your job. Ask your boss, for 5 minutes of their time, just to get a quick appraisal. Don’t wait until your yearly review.

Take Your Breaks

This one may seem like an obvious suggestion, as well as an unachievable prospect when you are rushed off your feet. But, it’s important to take your breaks. Did you know that over half of workers don’t actually take them? This can lead to higher stress levels, and higher stress levels in the workplace is connected to lower job satisfaction.

Engage With Your Co-Workers

They say that it isn’t the job, it’s who you work with. It has been proven that those who have a better relationship with their co-workers have a higher level of job satisfaction than those who don’t. By engaging with your co-workers and creating a positive working environment not only builds up your job satisfaction, it will help to build up your co-workers job satisfaction too.

Take Ownership Of Your Role

Those who feel like they don’t have any ownership of their role feel less satisfied in their job. By taking charge of your role, and helping to improve processes that are lacking, will create a sense of achievement. As well as showing your employers that you are truly committed and willing to go the extra mile. This, in turn, could lead to better career progression in the company. That will ultimately result in a higher level of job satisfaction.

There are many more factors that you can include to create more satisfaction in your job. A lot of them won’t see instant results and are more dependent on your employer. But, by putting the ones we have mentioned in practice, right away, can lead to an instant improvement in your level of job satisfaction.

As mentioned, our survey really gave us an excellent insight into how you feel about your current role, how long people stay in their current roles, and an excellent insight to the average salary in the industry.

If you’d like to read the full survey results. You can download the survey here.